Starfinder – Dark Matters

Starfinder – Dark Matters

They appeared out of nowhere. Not like a cloaked ship, but more like “shadows” that came to life. Starfinder had been studying mysteriously unusual pockets of Dark Matter in a very unusual nebula.

The bridge tilted back and forth rocking to the impact of weapon fire from the alien ships.

A small explosion sent a young Bolian Ensign to his death, as his console at Ops was the unfortunate energy backlash outlet from the strike.

Vaihuu was on duty in the Captain’s chair when the attack began. They had not been able to raise shields before the first missile struck.

Captain A.N.N-D instantly materialized on the bridge, after all he was an AI and the bridge holo emitters allowed for instant bridge relocation.

“Report!” He barked to his first officer, as a medic confirmed the death of the young operations officer who was on duty at the time.

“Shield’s are up, but took a couple of hits before we could raise them, sir.” JJ reported from the tactical station. “Whoever they are the missiles are composed of dark matter instead of antimatter. Very sophisticated weapon engineering..i’d be impressed if we weren’t on the receiving end of them!”

“lock phasers and return fire mister Abrins!” The captain ordered. “Firing phasers!” Jj responded, as Starfinder unleashed a powerful beam of phaser power at the Alien starship attacking them. “What the? The dark clouds of dark matter shielding, I guess it is, surrounding the alien ship has completely absorbed our phaser fire. No damage or weakening in the shields..but i’m not even sure if they ARE shields as we know them, sir!”

Starfinder rocked as two dark matter missiles fired from the alien aggressor, striking the shields. “Shield’s have large gaps in the areas the missiles struck sir!” JJ reported confused and quite shocked at the technology being unleashed upon them, unlike anything he had experienced.

“The dark matter energy is acting like “wounds” in our shields..the emitters can’t close the gaps where they struck us! They can target our hull if they can shoot through the gaps!”

“Scorpio crew launch and engage the enemy!” The captain ordered. The escort docked in the aft of Starfinder launched and cleared her shields by matching frequencies.

Scorpio was a highly maneuverable ship, Commander Austin engaged the alien vessel’s flank, firing phaser cannons and quantum torpedoes to no avail. “No damage sir, our weapon fire is ineffective!” Austin reported.

Vaihuu looked at A.N.N. D and she raised her brow. “What are your thoughts, commander?” The captain asked as the ship barely avoided direct hits as Penn expertly navigated evasive maneuvers.

“Area of effect, sir. Direct fire can’t penetrate the cloud, but the phasers and torpedoes never actually had a chance to damage them. It’s like the cloud acts as a portal and they shoot into somewhere else.” The captain smiled, Impressed with his first officer’s skills of observation and quick thinking tactical sense.

He looked to JJ as the ship was hit several more times. “Larger gaps in our shields, 20% exposure to direct fire now on our port shield perimeter!” JJ reported.

“JJ, deploy anti proton cluster mines, beam them around the enemy ship, once they beam in, set them to detonate immediately!” The captain ordered. JJ nodded and quickly deployed the mines in a formation that beamed the mines all around the alien ship at once, as they materialized they detonated a powerful series of anti proton explosions.

“Heavy damage to the alien ship, her cloud cover has vanished, she has hull breaches and weapons have been disabled.”. JJ reported with a sigh of relief and a slight smirk.

Vaihuu looked at the screen. With the cloud gone, the alien ship looked remarkably similar in basic design, to a Tholian Widow class fighter, except the hull was pitch black and seemed modified with alien technology. “Tholians? They must have acquired alien technology in the outback and learned to use it.” Vaihuu theorized out loud.

“They are hailing us, captain.” JJ reported. “On screen” A.N.N.-D replied.

The screen depicted an obsidian black material least it bore a resemblance to a Tholian save the obsidian color and texture of it’s skin, and the surrounding environment was cloudy mist not unlike the cloud of dark matter that shielded them.

“This is..” but before the captain could finish, the alien voice, a very eerie voice, talked over him.

“We are the Wrathen. We dominate this region of space in the name of our masters. You are now recorded as enemy to the Wrathen. Your death will come soon. We do not surrender. Death is welcome, we die with honor and our brethren will avenge us.”

Suddenly the ship “imploded”. The screen showed the hull crush in on itself as it’s dark matter based reactor self destructed them shredding the ship apart.

The crew looked stunned, at one another, trying to ascertain what just happened.

“If I didn’t know better i’d guess they are some offshoot distant relative of the Tholians.” Vaihuu suggested.

“Offshoot is one word for it. They sounded like they have been in the outback quite some time..we need to investigate who these “Wrathen” are, and soon.” The captain remarked.

“Let’s get repairs underway people, I have a report to make to Starfleet.”

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