Producer / Director / Head Writer/ Sergeant Byrnes – George Silsby

Audio engineer/Lt. Penn Ch’Nette – Stephen Trent

Executive producer/Lt.Valor/Q(ep 4) Adrianne Grady

Quality assurance director- Joseph Bullock

Creative Consultant/Dr/Aldrich/Kenai Timothy “Tymmy D” Dover

Jesse Heinig Narrator (starting with ep 2)/Sorik

The Captain – Geoff Montgomery

Commander Vaihuu – Kim Sharp


Series Narrator- Kyzler Nunez, and Dj “The Spock”-episode 1, minisode 5

Admiral Mike Woods / Lt Comm JJ Abrins – Scott lowry

Lt. Penn Ch’nette – Stephen Trent

Dr. Gaius Aldrich – Timothy”TymmyD”Dover

Alura – Erin K

Chief Engineer Stark – Peter  Spalding

Commander Garret Austin- Marty Marks

Ensign Dominic Donarti / Jem’Hadar First Karak’ar – Matt Giaquinto

Corporal Naveera- Carol  Henderson

Corporal Hicks- Mcshea

General Valkara- Kathryn  Goodenough

Klingon consultants – Deyvid HolQIn and Mike “Soriedem” Medeiros

Mini episode 1 “T’Kayla” credits-

T’Kayla- Lem “Kestra”
Sadera- Jennifer “AyJae”
Astrid Computer- John Millnik

Original score created by TacehT –

Site Developed by Mike “Soriedem” Medeiros

Photoshop cover and crew bio art by George Silsby aka Chooch99

Starfinder logo/font graphics first version by Paul”TheMightySpud”Knott

Second version By Heath Rowell, he is currently writing a sci fi novel called “The Noble Mind” here is the Facebook for it

Other background music for episode 1 created by artist Kevin Macleod-

Special Mention

One of the DJ’s at Subspace Radio, who was close to many members of the cast, sadly passed away shortly before Starfinder was planned. One of the characters, Admiral Michael Woods, was created and named in his honor.

Mike “Buzz” Woods died June 24th 2012 due to a heart attack. Buzz was a strong, a damn strong, man that was just fun to be around. For those that listened to his shows, you know he had that energy and spirit that came across the speakers and it energized you.

Admiral Woods- Commander of special taskforce “Aegis”; Flagship- U.S.S. Paragon


We’d like to thank Commedia Beauregarde for  providing a Klingon song for use in episode four: Gorn of a Different Color – Part 2. Your efforts are appreciated.