Cast & Crew

Ann D2

Captain “A.N.N.-D” (Artificial Neural Network, version D)

Portrayed by Geoff Montgomery

The first successful version ready for field testing of Starfleet’s experimental Bio-Neural “brain” Artificial Intelligence concept; a genetically engineered synthetic brain connected to a very advanced computer network tied into the Starfinder’s main computer core.

The Captain interacts as a hologram, a Male Human in appearance.


Portrayed by Kim Sharp

The First officer is a Female Romulan, raised as a Federation citizen. Vaihuu was born on Earth, in San Francisco when her mother, an Ambassador to Romulus, was attending a peace conference the day the Hobus star supernova destroyed the planet.The news of the tragic event triggered an early labor, and she was born on the floor of the Federation Council chambers.

Vaihuu strives to prove herself as an example of Romulan Starfleet officers, her hero was Worf, whom she looks up to as an example of overcoming one’s baggage from family ties and finding one’s own place in the universe.

Sgt Byrnes is a human male of age 37, he is a MACO (Military Assault
Command Operations) senior NCO for the troops assigned to Starfinder. Sgt Byrnes has struggled in his career, he has battled problems with stims and alcohol, and post traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in combat.

Byrnes was one of the first new generation Macos recruited by General Alexander Munroe, who convinced Starfleet to stop “reacting” to war and have an ongoing Maco training center.

Portrayed by Kevin Brown

Torik is a relatively young Vulcan male. He is the Chief medical officer of Starfinder, and he has also been a field agent for Starfleet Intelligence.

He has just returned from a 3 year undercover operation disguised as a Romulan and planted as a spy in Romulan space. He has spent the last several months meditating and “re-adjusting” himself to his experiences.

Portrayed by Erin K

Alura is a female Vorta, in the pilot episode, which begins in the aftermath of the 2800 featured episode story arc, Alura is one of the Vorta who break her ship and it’s Jem’hadar crew away from Khurikon’s forces, after he betrays the Dominion in the events of the story arc.

She has approached the Starfleet forces at DS9 and made an appeal; her crew have nowhere else to go. They cannot return to the Gamma Quadrant, shunned by the Founders,and they would rather not join the True Way.

Lt. Penn cHin’Ette


An Andorian liberated Borg, Penn is the helmsman of Starfinder. He is unique in several ways, after being liberated from the collective, he formed a unique 1 on 1 “collective” with a male Aenar named Zeller.

The two are inseparable, Zeller is mute, he cannot speak, and as an Aenar he is naturally blind with enhanced telepathic senses. But after forming the bond with Penn, they are synced together and form a sort of “comedic duo”.

Portrayed by Peter Spalding

Chief Stark recently was brought in and became Chief Engineer after Chief Austin was promoted to command Scorpio.

He has a few secrets he brings with him. He deploys security exo-comps(small hovering robots) that he replicated on away teams; they have designations such as “Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe”.



Commander Austin

Portrayed by Marty Marks


Commands the “Scorpio”; a Defiant sized escort attack support ship always docked in the aft of Starfinder, ready to deploy and assist in combat situations. He is a Liberated Borg, his Borg implants are synced to the systems in Scorpio as an experiment. He is the former Chief Engineer before Stark, before being promoted.



Lt. Comm JJ Abrins


Portrayed by Scott Lowry

JJ is a Joined Trill, and tactical officer of Starfinder.

He is an experienced combat vet,  and third in command of the ship. He has a keen ability to improvise under stressful situations.

Portrayed by Adrianne Grady

A young Vulcan female, age 42, which is roughly equivalent to a woman in her early 20’s for humans. She was assimilated by the Borg last year, briefly, and liberated in less than an hour.

Some nano probes remain, dormant as a result, although not enough to label her “Liberated Borg” due to how brief this was.

Valor, who makes her debut in “Minisode 2″ and then episode 2:”Balance”, is Deputy Security chief of Starfinder.

She graduated from the academy a year early following a classified Anti-Borg exercise she and 3 other cadets partook in at a secret Starbase.

Valor’s father was killed in the Dominion war when she was a child. Her mother is Captain Seleya of the U.S.S. Pandora, who helped donate life memories into the Captain’s matrix.

Valor first appeared in STO Foundry mission 2 parter “Secret Academy” and “Needs of the many voices” by author chooch99.