About Starfinder


Starfinder is an Odyssey class tactical cruiser. ~The Odyssey class is the largest vessel ever created by Starfleet. Its massive size makes it very resilient, but its turn rate is reduced by the bulk of the vessel. The Odyssey’s unique split saucer pylon reduces subspace wake at higher warp speeds. The Odyssey is designed as an extreme long-range vessel, and can operate for long periods of time away from support. Because of this, it is the most versatile cruiser ever developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

In this extended period of conflict, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers were tasked with developing a cruiser with additional firepower. The Odyssey Tactical Cruiser is a unique development that emerged from this goal. While the EPS systems were tuned to provide superior power to weapons, the standout feature is the wholesale replacement of the secondary shuttle bay with a specially designed Aquarius-class escort.

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