Short Story-“Unexpected Loyalty”

Captain’s log, supplemental. I have received a serious complaint from one of the Vulcan security officers about a threat made to him by our Jem’Hadar first, Kara’Kar.

Ensign Saron was off duty and standing with a fellow Vulcan male officer in the Watering hole, engaged in conversation when Byrnes came stomping through the doors, sweaty and angry, pointing at Saron as he marched towards him.

“YOU! You have something to say about me, you say it to my face!” Byrnes yelled, the entire room of patrons stopped what they were doing to look, many shocked at the sudden drama.

“Sergeant Byrnes, please go away before you embarrass yourself the way you have embarrassed Lt. Valor by brainwashing her to let her near you”. The Vulcan said arrogantly and cockily.

Byrnes walked right up and head butted him…hard. The suddenness of the move caught Saron off guard, startling him and causing a green blooded nosebleed as he tried to grab at Byrnes with a Vulcan nerve pinch, which Byrnes deflected, having anticipated that.

Byrnes roundhouse kicked Saron not once, but twice, extremely fast and hard, following up with several rapid uppercuts and punches that hit his nose, throat and chin, every weak spot that could stun his opponent.

Saron dropped. He was unconscious.

“Excellent!” Kara’Kar yelled. “Now, finish him. Byrnes! Kill this Vulcan scum!”

The doors opened as Lt. Valor and several security walked in, and had phasers aimed at Byrnes.

“What the? Stand down, Byrnes!” Valor ordered. Byrnes backed off slowly, calming himself, breathing heavy.

Out of nowhere Macos Corporal Naveera and Private Clark, and Corporal Hobbes, walked over and stood by Byrnes glaring at the security officers.

“Don’t touch him!” Naveera yelled. “You want a bigger incident between the Macos and security? Try us.”

The guards were spooked and looked back at Valor as if to ask for reassurance of what to do.

“What happened here?” Valor asked. “This Vulcan scum has been disrespecting your mate, insulting his worthiness to be with you, insulting his race as being inferior.” Kara’Kar quickly explained.

Valor looked at Byrnes, then down at the Vulcan who served under her in security, who was still unconscious.

“You only helped his prejudice of you by giving in to your emotions, Byrnes”. Valor informed him. “You know I have to arrest you for assaulting an officer.”

Byrnes sighed and nodded slowly.

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