Short Story-“Unexpected Loyalty”

Captain’s log, supplemental. I have received a serious complaint from one of the Vulcan security officers about a threat made to him by our Jem’Hadar first, Kara’Kar.

“Is it true?” The captain asked as the Jem’Hadar warrior stood at attention in his ready room.

“Yes, it is true.” He replied, matter-of-factly.

“You threatened the life of one of my security officers, Kara’Kar. This is a very serious offense. I want to know why it happened.”

Kara’Kar sighed a little. “The Vulcan was overheard talking very disrespectfully about Sgt. Byrnes, in regard to his being chosen as Lt. Valor’s mate.” he explained.

ANN D raised a brow. Of all the explanations he was waiting for, this was not one on his list he could imagine.

“I see. So you were…defending Byrne’s honor?” he asked. Kara’Kar seemed to be considering the question before responding.

“I suppose I was”.

ANN D smiled. He looked the Jem’Hadar over carefully as if examining him for something he wasn’t sure of.

“You and Sgt. Byrnes have become friends, haven’t you?” he asked. Kara’Kar raised a brow at that question.

“I have grown to respect him. Jem’Hadar do not form “friendships”. We appreciate worthy warriors, and give them deserved respect. Make of it what you wish.

“I can appreciate your instinct to come to Byrne’s defense. But we have rules on this ship. You do not threaten any of my officers, no matter what you personally feel…am I understood?”

Kara’Kar nodded slowly. “As you wish, Captain. But May I ask, what IS the punishment Ensign Saron will face for this offense?”

“He will be talked to about slandering any of my men, but his “opinion” of Byrnes is not technically a violation of any rules. He has the freedom under the Federation, to have and express his personal views. “

Kara’Kar seemed unhappy with that answer. “On a Dominion ship, he would have been executed by now. May I at least “beat him up?”

ANN D laughed. He couldn’t help himself.

“No, Kara’Kar, you may not beat him up. Let it go. You made it clear to him that you will defend Byrne’s honor, hopefully it will shake him up enough to stop.

One hour later.

“He said what about me?” Byrnes yelled, angrily, as Kara’Kar sparred with him on the holodeck.

“He said you were a imbecilic Human, not worthy of Lt. Valor as a mate, and that she was foolish to be involved with you. He expressed a deep hope that you have not had sex with her yet, to spare her your genetic inferior qualities on any potential offspring that may result from your as he put it–”Disgusting union”.

“Oh my god, I am going to completely beat his ass to the ground!” Byrnes snarled as he punched and kicked in steps at Kara’kar, who blocked and ducked, letting Byrnes take out his anger on him, not retaliating.

“I asked the captain permission to harm him, but he made it clear that was not allowed.” He informed Byrnes.

“It isn’t. I’’m going to do it anyways!” Byrnes yelled as he stormed out of the holodeck, sweaty in his workout outfit, a look of anger Kara’Kar had never seen on his face before.

“I should go with him. Vulcans are by default superior to Humans in physical endurance and strength, This should be quite interesting.”

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