Starfinder 3 – Gorn of A Different Color – Part 1

Starfinder 3 – Gorn of A Different Color – Part 1

1477564_510314179066882_717063851_nStarfinder is proud to present episode three Gorn of A Different Color  – Part One.  This episode is the first in a two part Starfinder episode and the second installment in our four-part Klingon Arc started in the Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special: Messages From the Outback – Part One. Gorn of A Different Color part two will be released right here on December 19th with the epilogue Messages From the Outback – Part Two being released on January 2nd. You don’t want to miss this massive mini-series.

Picking up where the events in Messages from the Outback leaves off, the crew of the I.K.S Kradec may have found a potential planet in which to establish a Klingon foothold within the Outback. The only thing standing between them and their goal is the seemingly primitive species inhabiting the planet. A covert mission to learn about the inhabitants, coupled with the shattered remains of a Tholian vessel in orbit leads them to suspect that there is more going on with these people than they originally believed. You don’t want to miss this exciting installment in the four-part Klingon miniseries event.

Story by Ross Bullock. This episode was written by Mike Medeiros and Ross Bullock, Directed by Ross Bullock and Mike Medeiros, Edited and Produced by Mike Medeiros for Gates of Sto’vo’kor andBusy Little Beaver Productions. Graphics created by George Silsby. Featuring the voice talents of the crew of the I.K.S. Kradec.

We are including our original script for this episode for our fans with hearing impairments. You can download the full script to Starfinder – 3 & 4 – Gorn of A Different Color script here.

Starfinder 3 – Gorn of A Different Color: Part One – Script

Valkara: Lacy Bennett

Krang: Mike Medeiros

Sklood: Adrianne Grady

Vasch: Bazag

Purina: Michelle Heiner

To’jet: “Hippie” John Scheuerman

Chalice: Terilynn Shull

Torq: Marvin McHardy

Hathar: Elio “Elijah” Lleo

Melonar: Anthony Battles

Kresh: Oren Ashkenazi

Siskish: Paul Dennis

Xilit: John Barnes

Shlist: Sunseahl

Goresh: Darqun

Doris: Michelle Heiner

Liamo: Havraha

Proktar: Marvin McHardy

M’artosh: Mike Tripp

Frintz: Kelli Nighthammer

Child: Ariana McHardy

Native 1: Michael Coleman

Native 2: Alan Clifton

Elder Native 1: Scott Reu

Elder Native 2: Scott Reu

Tyr Gash 1: John Barnes

Tyr Gash 2: Scott Reu

Clutch Mother: Lem (Kestra) McHardy

Nurse Prillo: Terilynn Shull

Starfinder Crew

ANND: Geoff Montgomery

Dominic: Matt Giaquinto

Alura: Erin K

Neetal: Aaron Calhoun

Penn: Steven Trent

Vaihuu: Kim Sharp

Torik: Kevin Brown

Zol: Mike L.

Abrins: Scott Lowry

Chief: Peter Spalding

Byrnes: George Silsby

Stark: Peter Spalding

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