Starfinder: Minisode Collection Volume One

The collection of the first four Minisodes in one 25 minute podcast format. "T'Kayla", "Valor", "Council of Thoughts part 1". "Council of Thoughts part 2" Featuring Adrianne Grady as Valor, Jesse Heinig as Sorik, Kestra as T'Kayla and Captain Seleya, Havraha as Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, Michael Medeiros as Pi, and more.  

Legacy Of Romulus goes live soon!

Legacy of Romulus will be Star Trek Online's first expansion. Scheduled for release in May 2013, this update will bring numerous expansions to the game. This content is not yet ingame, though closed Beta testing for some of the Romulan content is underway on the Tribble Test Server. I have been enjoying the new expansion, click the…

Reviews for the pilot “The Back Of Beyond”

Here are two links to sites that review the series pilot episode! Also check out our Android app for downloading podcasts