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Star Trek: Starfinder Episodes 3 & 4 Original Soundtrack List

Star Trek: Starfinder: Episodes 3 & 4 Original Soundtrack List

1477564_510314179066882_717063851_nStar Trek: Starfinder episodes three and four (Gorn of a Different Color) will feature one of the most comprehensive soundtracks we have used to date. The vast majority of the music is royalty free and freely available to use online through the Creative Commons License. The teams at Star Trek: Starfinder and Busy Little Beaver Productions supports the artists and musicians that have freely shared their talents with the rest of us. To that end, we have decided to compile the complete soundtrack for our upcoming episodes with links where you can check out all of this great music.

  1. Exhilerate – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  2. Hitman – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  3. Contamination – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  4. AC – Ryan Amon, Chris Tilton, & Sarah Schachner (Download) (YouTube)
  5. Last Goodbye – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  6. Big Mojo – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  7. Jalandhar – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  8. Undaunted – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  9. In A Heart Beat – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  10. Prelude and Action – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  11. All Fall Down – Purple Planet Music (Download) (YouTube)
  12. License to Thrill – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  13. Cat & Mouse – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  14. The Derelict – Purple Planet Music (Download) (YouTube)
  15. Mechanolith – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  16. The Descent – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  17. Rattlesnake Moan – Purple Planet Music (Download) (YouTube)
  18. The Eleventh Hour – Ryan Amon (Download) (YouTube)
  19. Black Vortex – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  20. Crisis – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  21. Colorless Aura – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  22. Heavy Brigade – Purple Planet Music (Download) (YouTube)
  23. Steel Rods – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  24. Ashes – Ryan Amon (Download)
  25. Stormfront – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  26. Mumbai Mood – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  27. Indian Summer – Ryan Amon (Download)
  28. Silent Tears – Purple Planet Music (Download) (YouTube)
  29. Plans In Motion – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  30. Movement Proposition – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  31. Vortex – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  32. Satiate – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  33. Maelstrom – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  34. You Said You’d Do Anything – Ryan Amon (Download) (YouTube)
  35. Tempting Secrets – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
  36. Eventide – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  37. Last Stand – Purple Planet Music (Download)
  38. Starfinder Theme – DJ Taceht (Website)
  39. Gates of Sto’vo’kor Theme – DJ Mundane (Website)
  40. Feelin Good – Kevin MacLeod (Download) (YouTube)
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Oct 31


Minisode 6 “Dead..Again” is live!


MINISODE 6 “Dead..Again” now live!

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Oct 26

Cover art for upcoming part 2 of “Gorn of a different color”(episodes 3/4)

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Oct 17

The Captain in STO new uniforms.

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Oct 10

Star Trek: Starfinder 3 & 4 – Gorn of A Different Color – Teaser 2


Star Trek: Starfinder 3 & 4 – Gorn of A Different Color – Teaser 2

1477564_510314179066882_717063851_nWith production of Star Trek: Starfinder episodes three and four nearing completion, the production team thought it was time to share another teaser scene of what we have in store. We are excited about what we have done and are looking forward to releasing them in the near future.

This time, the teaser features the commanding officers of the IKS Kradec: General Valkara (played by Lacy Bennett) and Commander Krang (Mike Medeiros). Their time in the Outback has been anything but pleasant and nerves are beginning to fray. Will they survive or will the Outback tear the ship and its crew apart?

Supplemental content that will be attached to these episodes is currently in development, including a pair of crossover episodes with our sister show, Gates of Sto’vo’kor. Look for these full episodes to be released before the end of the year.

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