Dec 23

Short story-“Truth”

Starfinder- “Truth”

By George “chooch99” Silsby

Captain’s log, stardate 48876.43, Starfinder has answered a distress signal from an alien starship while exploring an uncharted sector of the Outback.

“Report Commander Vai.” The captain looked to his first officer as the female Romulan scrolled through a data pad.

“The ship is cataloged in the Mayon database as belonging to a race called the “Morasti”. she reported. “They are humanoids and part of a theocratic government called the “Divinity of Truth”.

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Feb 15

Short Story-“Unexpected Loyalty”

Captain’s log, supplemental. I have received a serious complaint from one of the Vulcan security officers about a threat made to him by our Jem’Hadar first, Kara’Kar.

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Jan 24

Microsode 1 “Standards”


We present our first ever short “Microsode” that introduces the ship’s Chef and his lively restaurant.


George Silsby as Sergeant Byrnes
Adrianne Grady as Lt. Valor

Guest starring

Steve Roberts as Chef
Michael Medeiros as Chugg
Stephen Trent as The Matre d

Script by George Silsby

Script editing by Michael Medeiros and Jesse Heinig

Audio editing by Stephen Trent

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Jan 09

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Mftop2Gates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part Two: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the epilogue to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, is currently available on Starfinder’s website. Check out the exciting conclusion to this massive Klingon arc for Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder here.

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